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I read this article and I almost choke on my breakfast. It was in the Danish Magazine “Chili” and it’s about slash and why some people write slash. The article was in Danish, so I translated it; all faults are mine. I just thought you should read it…:

(The stories were in the article, too, and I haven’t done everything to them; I haven’t corrected in them or translated them. If anyone recognize the stories then please, don’t flame me; I don’t take the credit for them or anything)

I just thought you, the slashers, needed to read this article which is – of course – written by a non-slasher.


Eminem, who gives Frodo a blowjob in Mordor – or Batman, who has sex with Superman in the Bat mobile. That can easily be the concept in a slash-story. Slash is pornographic fan literature, which are being published on various websites . The authors are (mostly heterosexual) women, who through the stories act out homoerotic fantasies about their male idols.
The slash-phenomenon comes from the Star Trek-universe. De first stories were written in the 1970s by female Star Trek-fans. They worshipped and shared homoerotic fantasies through fan magazines worshipped about the space show’s two main characters, Captain Kirk and Commander Spock. The name slash itself comes from the sign “/”.The fans knew that when they saw the headline “Kirk/Spock” (Kirk slash Spock) there was homoerotic space-goodies to be expected.
However, the genre developed into also including fictitious characters outside the Star Trek-universe, and the latest years the real world’s celebrities have begun to sneak in on the slash universe. Harry Potter is a popular slash-main character, and the same is Chester Bennington from Linkin Park. It is still heterosexual women who most often write, but in the latest years many different people have begun to experiment with slash. Among other things the phenomenon femslash – where female idols can have a pleasant time with each other – has become rather popular.
We give you here three samples on the slash-phenomenon. You can find more stories yourself at:

Gripping the edge of the piano, Eminem’s mouth fell open at the first touch of Frodo’s mouth to his cock. A pink tongue darted out to taste the moisture gathered at the slit, then Frodo took just the head of Eminem’s erection in his mouth. Slowly, he slid his head down, taking in inch after inch. He held Eminem’s gaze the whole time

He grabbed Spock’s erection eagerly through the black fabric of his pants, enjoying its satisfying fullness in his hand. The cloth slid up and down across it, stimulating and teasing. Spock mirrored his action, still holding him close with his other arm and the force of his body as he reached for Kirk’s penis. They hadn’t stopped kissing furiously; Kirk eagerly sucked Spock’s thrusting tongue as their hands fumbled at each other’s fly. The fastening yielded easily to their practiced fingers, and within seconds they were grasping each other’s naked erections.

(lead singer and rapper from Linkin Park)
Mike bent down to kiss each of Chester’s nipples, then straightened. – Can I fuck you?, Mike asked softly, his brown eyes eager and looking over Chester’s body.
Chester smiled and nodded. He reached up and pulled Mike down to him, and they began to kiss, slowly and sensuously. Mike’s hands wandered down to Chester’s crotch and massaged his erection through his boxers. Chester fumbled with Mike’s bindings, unable to undo the belt with his eyes closed and his mouth full of Mike’s lips and tongue.
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