tritanis (tritanis) wrote,

Okay, I'm getting bored...That's what happen when I'm having vacation

Reach out your left arm, whats the first thing you touch?: Danish-German business dictionary

Name a band that starts with the third letter of your last name: Green day or Restless Heart, depends on which of my last names I use

Take the number of concerts you've been to, times it by 13: 39

What drug starts with the first letter of your first or last name: : Cocaine

Turn on any song, what's the sixth word?: do

How many programs are running on your computer now?: Word, Photo Shop, Paint, Luke Filewalker, MSN

What's your dad's middle name spelled backwards?: Luop

What's the first icon on your desktop?: My computer

What's the total amount of piercings of you and your siblings?: None. I have neither siblings nor piercings

Type your first name in on google, and paste the first link that comes up: Tina:

Turn on the closest TV. What channel is it, and what's on?: Tv3 Denmark - Days of our Lives

Go to the closest person. What color hair do they have? I’m alone in the house, so…

Do you have any decorations up?: Yep, for Easter.

What brand of TV is the one closest to you?: Sony

What's the first and last letter of your neighborhood's name?: S and L

How many layers are on your feet right now?: one, socks

Guess the time: Hmm…1 p.m. I think

What time is it really?: 1.53 p.m.
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